Guns and Roses

Well, perkenalan saya dengan band ini adalah ketika masih SMP kelas 1. Pada saat itu dapet tugas jaga bazar di bale banjar. Bazar zaman dulu (ga tau sekarang) isinya orang minum + alunan musik yang volumenya kenceng).

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Watched Superwings Show

We got free ticket to watch Superwings show at Tunjungan. Yes free, who doesn't like it? There will be Superwings character dancing and photo session.

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Taman Flora Surabaya

Weekend minggu lalu, kita mencoba hal yang berbeda. Mencoba mengenalkan Nauly lebih dekat ke binatang. Di Surabaya tidak banyak tempat seperti itu. Ada Bonbin Surabaya, yang katanya tak terawat dan pasti akan ramai. Satu-satunya pilihan adalah Taman Flora.

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My First Video!

This is my first video. I took all of the footages using my only camera, a5000. All the edit using Final Cut Pro X. I know this is not as good as video I watched on Youtube. 

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Loves Photography

I don't know since when , I started taking a picture of anything. A building, street, kids, laptop, etc. I begin to take a picture with some 'art' (according to myself) in it.

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File Permissions for WordPress

Ini adalah cara untuk mengatur file permission untuk WordPress development di local machine. Fungsinya adalah untuk menghindari error tidak bisa nulis di directory dll. Untuk Mac atau Linux.

Hello World

I can't count how many times I change my blog (actually not that much). I think, I always focus on the looks not the content. But if the looks not good, I will not have a will to write. That's why I build this one. Let's mark this one as Mark V.

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BigCommerce: Customizing “Optimized One-Page Checkout”

So today, I got request from client to modify the checkout page. It shouldn't be a problem of course. But, this "Optimized One-Page Checkout" is a stand alone page and I can't access the files from WebDAV. If your based theme is not Classic Next there will be customizer for it. But my base theme is Classic Next.

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Twenty Seventeen

Well, it’s not about WordPress theme. It’s about what I have in my mind for what will I do in this year. It’s not a show off, just wanted this post will remind me if I am forget about it.

  1. Having a blog about Kamen Rider : √
  2. Start selling something : on a plan.
  3. Meet more people.
  4. Start exercise.

I think that’s enough.

WordPress on Valet

According to Laravel’s documentation, Valet is a Laravel development environment for Mac minimalists. I usually use XAMPP or MAMP. Also there are Vagrant, Homestead, etc. But I never use it. When using XAMPP or MAMP, accessing web directory via browser by typing locahost/{directory} (which is ugly). If with Valet {directory}.dev is enough. Simple. By default WordPress already supported by Valet.

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Furious 7

Fast and furious, I watched from The Fast and Furious where Dominiq’s ride was Mazda RX7 and Bryan’s was Totoya Eclipse and Toyota Supra. Well it is one hell of a movie franchise. I think it will be some anti hero. Special agent from goverment and the weapon are CARS! Thats cool.

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