Linkin Park’s songs was one of my soundtrack of life from my junior high school until my earliest life in university. I live with their album since Hybrid Theory until Minutes to Midnight, yes I know its not all of them.

It’s OK to be Grey

Nowadays, social media is a place where you can’t express your opinions. At least that what I saw in my timeline. Every news, event, etc it’s all about right and wrong. It’s about which side do you take, pro-government or contra-government. Heaven or hell. Black or white.

Hey World

I have been a fan of Basecamp for a long time. I have been using it for almost 3 years when I worked in a digital agency. And following the founder Jason Fried and DHH on Twitter for quite some time. Besides the controversy that they made recently, I still love their products, eg: Basecamp, Hey, books, even though I do not buy/subscribe to it all, but they inspired me in a way.

Indonesia Today

I see this country as I see Gotham. Where everything is corrupt. You need insiders to make things work, money to make things faster, etc. As an ordinary citizen who has no connections to insiders and doesn’t have much money to bribe, I am quite happy with what has happened lately. I see this situation […]

Taman Flora Surabaya

Weekend minggu lalu, kita mencoba hal yang berbeda. Mencoba mengenalkan Nauly lebih dekat ke binatang. Di Surabaya tidak banyak tempat seperti itu. Ada Bonbin Surabaya, yang katanya tak terawat dan pasti akan ramai. Satu-satunya pilihan adalah Taman Flora.