Be Yourself

I heard that words a long time ago, maybe since I was hit by puberty. But I think I can’t do that easily as what it said. From what I read, we are using 3 masks. One for the people we don’t know, one for the family and the real one is for yourself.

10 Years of Web Dev

On the 4th of September 2021, Kamen Rider Fourze is 10 years old. While this series aired, I was also in the middle of my first real job as a web developer. This reminds me of how I typed in a Notepad++, listened to Winamp, and of course my HP V3000 with a fan that sounds like a MotoGP race.


Linkin Park’s songs was one of my soundtrack of life from my junior high school until my earliest life in university. I live with their album since Hybrid Theory until Minutes to Midnight, yes I know its not all of them.

It’s OK to be Grey

Nowadays, social media is a place where you can’t express your opinions. At least that what I saw in my timeline. Every news, event, etc it’s all about right and wrong. It’s about which side do you take, pro-government or contra-government. Heaven or hell. Black or white.

Hey World

After they launch Hey, it’s an email service with a focus on privacy (I love the app), they launched Hey World. It’s a blogging platform that the content comes from email. No bullshit, just send an email and blast off, your content goes to the internet. As DHH said, we need back to web 1.0.