Watched Superwings Show

We got free ticket to watch Superwings show at Tunjungan. Yes free, who doesn't like it? There will be Superwings character dancing and photo session.


So what is Superwings? Superwings is fun-loving jet plane Jett delivers packages to children around the world in this animated series. Jett teams up with the Super Wings, a group of airplanes that can transform into robots, to tackle new challenges and work through issues that teach problem-solving skills and the importance of cultural diversity. The Super Wings crew includes mission director Jimbo, rescue copter Dizy, gadget guru Donnie and expert navigator Jerome — an important part of the group because the planes travel to 52 cities in 45 countries on their adventures, requiring someone who is able to help navigate. I copied from wiki.

So, as usual, I take my camera and Meike35mm. It was wrong. I should take my AF lens. It's hard to shoot manual while holding my daughter. So as you can see later in the video most of the footages are out of focus and shaky af. I should consider buying a gimbal. But its expensive af.

I try to include audio from the footages. It comes from internal mic of the camera. Yes, the sound is not so clear.

If you are 90's kids you must recognize the intro. It's super legen wait for it dary legendary.

If anyone read this post,  let me know what do you think of the video.