Redesigning my Homepage (again)

Here we go again, I want to write something in my blog but ended with a new layout of my homepage.

I always love the Twenty Twelve theme, from the day it is launched until now. That’s why I just stick with it for years. I changed to another theme, even create a new one, but after some time I will go back to my home, Twenty Twelve.

The elements, styling, everything about it, is perfect for my needs. Simple, easy to read, no fancy stuff, no bullshit. My eyes just thank me for that.

So today, after months not logged in to my dashboard, I want to make something with the Twenty Twelve. I won’t create any child theme from it, I just want to use it like it’s still a virgin. Try to maximize the default features of the theme. Just Twenty Twelve and plugins will do. Yeah, you can call that lazy also.

Why I came to this approach?

So, a couple of days ago I created Nauly and Noey. I just want to show some information that N&N is a digital agency that focuses on a wedding website and still has no client. I am using Chaplin as the theme, if you don’t know it’s the father of Twenty Twenty, and I am surprised. The default features are all I need, no need a fancy plugin, no bullshit. It’s just perfect.

And also, I was inspired by Yoga Sukma, he used Twenty Seventeen very well I think. I copied his style on put an “about me” stuff in the sidebar.

So far I’m satisfied with the result.