My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade

My Chemical Romance (MCR) will always have a special place in my life. Why? Let’s rewind this playback of life. Rewind it until 2007. When I was in university.

In 2006 MCR launched The Black Parade, with the first single “Welcome to the Black Parade”. I remember I listened it in class with a bunch of my friends. Wew, it’s good. I never liked MCR before this (Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge).

TL;DR shit happen, I got a disease. I need to rest for a semester, then a year. To killing time, I bought (yes bought, not download) MCR’s album, The Black Parade. I listened everyday while reading the cover of the CD, good old time.

The Black Parade Artwork

I discovered in this album, MCR changing persona into The Black Parade, a some kind of rock opera. So MCR performing as The Black Parade. It’s like they henshin into another personality. Genius! And the album has a story. It’s a story about “The Patient”. He is dying because he got cancer in his body. The songs in this album is like chapters in a book. It’s about how The Patient facing his nearly death moment, experiences in the afterlife, and subsequent reflections on his life.

The Patient

And why should I know this? Am I going to die like The Patient? Is this the signal? Apperantly no. I am still live until now. From that time I officially became an MCRmy.

In 2007, so The Black Parade is 1 year old, they  killed The Black Parade in a concert. What a show!

“This is the last perfomance of The Black Parade, forever! I wanna come down here to Mexico, to properly kill them off.” 

Gerard Way

Still in the concert, when Gerard sang Cancer, it was really epic and full of emotional. I can feel the sadness in the song. His voice and the piano is killing me.

MCR is no longer exist. But still if I hear the album, it reminds how hopeless I was on that time. 

Thanks for the memories!