Loves Photography

I don't know since when , I started taking a picture of anything. A building, street, kids, laptop, etc. I begin to take a picture with some 'art' (according to myself) in it.

It's like a curse. Back then, my wife is a professional photographer. And every time we go out she will bring a camera, tripod, and everything else related. I don't really like it. It stops when we have a kid. Now I know what the purpose of it. To capture memories. The human brain can't remember anything. That's why we take pictures and videos to make good memories stay forever. At least until the memory card/hard disk not broken.

Then I remembered, I have a not so old mirrorless camera, Sony a5000. But the lens is broken. So I started hunting lens. It must be new and cheap. Fuuuu,  lenses and camera are expensive. I can't afford to own this sh#t.

Sony a5000

After searching quite sometime , I found a new one but cheap enough. A manual lens that fit in my a5000, Meike 35mm f1.7. Before this I don't know what those numbers mean. Manual lens? Yes, manual. Because you can learn how to shoot without autofocus. It will help your instinct as a photographer. Another reason and the real one is because manual lens is cheap.

Meike 35mm F1.7

After I got my new lens, I started to take picture and video. I watched a lot of tutorials how to make a video and take a good picture. 

TL;DR it was Sunday, time to go with my family. This time I brought my camera with me. And take a lot of pictures and videos of my daughter and wife. Here is some of them.