Hey World

I have been a fan of Basecamp for a long time. I have been using it for almost 3 years when I worked in a digital agency. And following the founder Jason Fried and DHH on Twitter for quite some time. Besides the controversy that they made recently, I still love their products, eg: Basecamp, Hey, books, even though I do not buy/subscribe to it all, but they inspired me in a way.

After they launch Hey, it’s an email service with a focus on privacy (I love the app), they launched Hey World. It’s a blogging platform that the content comes from email. No bullshit, just send an email and blast off, your content goes to the internet. As DHH said, we need back to web 1.0.

My take on this is “simplified everything”. We live in a world that everything is an app. In my job, there’s a ton of app that does this and that. My job is web-related, so WordPress and friends will be my daily date. I have a personal site, the last update is more than a year, one post a year is already good. So the idea of Hey World is really answering my problem.

So why not create my own Hey World?

I have many blogging platforms WordPress, NuxtJS, NextJS, Ghost. But none of them are active. So I try back to my root which is WordPress. So I create a theme that looks like Hey World. I create it using underscores_ and Tailwind CSS. I stripped unneeded features from underscores, just need the essential. Here is the theme in case you interested, https://github.com/sanjayatony/hey-world. Now my website already looks like Hey World, of course already adjusted to my need.

Now the key part, send an email to publish a post. WordPress by default already has this option, but somehow there is a simple alternative by Jetpack, which is more than enough to achieve my goal.

So far, I am quite happy with the result.