Hello World

I can't count how many times I change my blog (actually not that much). I think, I always focus on the looks not the content. But if the looks not good, I will not have a will to write. That's why I build this one. Let's mark this one as Mark V.

What's new here? Nothing new, only the looks cleaner than before. Of course it's not me who designed it. There is a guy, called Oliur Rahman. I copied his style, with minor changes. And I want to keep this as simple as I can. So no need much work to do.

Oliur's blog

I am using Foundation 6.4 as the CSS framework. Foundation 6.4 introduce new grid system on this release. XY Grid.  I like how they change column into cell. It just sounds good. Like I will kill Cell, because I am a super saiyan. Here is how the HTML looks like.

<div class="grid-x grid-padding-x">
  <div class="medium-6 large-4 cell">12/6/4 cells</div>
  <div class="medium-6 large-8 cell">12/6/8 cells</div>

And of course Gutenberg. The future editor of WordPress. It makes writing sexy again. 

Ok, I hope I'll se you again, in same form of course.