Hi, my name is Tony Sanjaya, a (not so) ordinary web developer, a superheroes enthusiast, a father, a music lover, etc.

I think this page needs to revamp. Coming soon.

What do you do for a living?

I make website sand stuff. Currently, I work as a Web Analyst and Developer for Stampede Design.

Explain more..

I work as a web developer since 2010. My journey begins with plain PHP coding. And after that continue with WordPress until now. In the middle of it, I also learned a bit about CodeIgniter. Currently, my responsibility is integrating HTML into CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Shopify, BigCommerce. I also have an interest in Laravel and Javascript language. Yes because JS is the future. But still in Kuuga Growing form.

Kuuga Growing Form
Kuuga Growing Form

What about your tools?

After quite sometime use Elementary OS, I have nothing against Elementary OS, it’s just sometimes the bug is bugging me. If I have a lot of time, that shouldn’t be a problem. I need an aibo (partner) that understands me. Like Kamen Rider Black with his Battle Hopper!

Black with Battle Hopper
Kamen Rider Black with Battle Hooper

Then after thinking quite some time, in mid-2016, I choose MacBook Pro. For now, this is a perfect aibo for me. And also I have DELL P2314H for my external monitor, Sennheiser HD220 for the headphone, mouse Logitech M235 but currently more comfortable using the trackpad.

Sublime is my main editor (with some addon of course), although sometimes I use Bracket, or Atom, yeah Sublime is my home I think. For task management, I use Trello and Moodo. In office we use Basecamp for project management, Toggl for the timer, and of course Slack for communicating.

What should I do if I want to contact you?

Light up the bat signal.

Disclaimer: my grammar maybe not perfect, but as long as you understand, please don’t complain.